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My soul rests gently in the dark fabric of my body.
It is greenish, oblong, solid.
Sometimes it is a jewel, sparkling against black velvet.
Sometimes an egg, nestled in warm cushioning.
Sometimes it reaches out
And envelops me
Bringing to life every nerve, every sense, every thought
With a song of joy.
I value my body. To lose it
Would be to lose running, jumping, dancing.
I value my mind. To lose it
Would be to lose writing, thinking, imagining.
But most of all
I value my egg, my jewel,
my soul.
For to lose my soul
Would be to lose
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Matthias Reference WIP :iconkittengrl39:Kittengrl39 0 0 Ember Reference WIP :iconkittengrl39:Kittengrl39 0 1 Namaxad - first sketch :iconkittengrl39:Kittengrl39 4 1
Toasters and Topaz
Toasters and Topaz
My mother was told by a fortuneteller that I would stick a fork in a toaster and die before I was 17. Most people, upon hearing that fortune, would brush it off as ridiculous or get offended at such a dismal prediction for their child. My mother, on the other hand, took the fortuneteller’s prediction as God’s own truth and sped back home frantically to get rid of our toaster. From the time I was three, I lived like Sleeping Beauty, except that the object I was forbidden to touch was a toaster instead of a spindle. My mother’s fear soon spread from toasters to almost all kitchen appliances, so the one thing I didn’t learn while growing up was how to cook.
One day in second grade a classmate invited me to come over and help her bake some cupcakes for class. I agreed happily and went home with her. Everything went fine until, not knowing how hot a pan can get while baking, I burned myself trying to take the cupcakes from the oven. My friend
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Salad Days Group - Trio
OK. So… profiles. I might have artwork to go with this someday. -_-;
Name: Jisuk
Gender: male
Age: 17
Grade: junior
Race/Species: Magic mirror (WTF?!! I’ll explain.)
Height: 5’10”
Appearance: Jisuk is average in height and weight, mildly handsome, has a little more muscle than most, and never needs to shave. This is because he doesn’t actually have hair or, for that matter, skin. Jisuk’s ‘skin’ is silvered glass – a mirror. The glass is about a quarter inch thick and has a layer of shiny metal on the inside. He has no internal organs. All that’s in there is some sort of enchanted mist that takes care of all normal human functions.
Jisuk’s hair is 2”-3” long and spiky. Literally spiky, because it only appears to be hair from a distance – up close, you can see that it’s actually splinters of glass that rise up from his scalp to approximate hair. So don’t pat him on the head. You’ll regret it.
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In Memoriam :iconkittengrl39:Kittengrl39 1 0
My father wakes me up at 2 am.
I am awake in an instant, mind and eyes clear
as though sleep is but a blanket.
My father puts a finger to his lips
and motions silently at the door
then retreats downstairs.
I pad to my closet and gather my thick, heavy clothing.
When I come downstairs, my father is already waiting
with a steaming thermos and lawn chairs.
The starting of the car sends ripples through the emptiness of sound.
We arrive at a large field.
I have no idea where it is.
My father sets up the lawn chairs
and I bring the thermos.
Our breath mists out
as we watch the stars
My father sees one
a streak of fiery light
and nudges me just in time to see it.
My mouth opens in an O as I follow it across the heavens.
More begin to fall, and more
the soft rain of a meteor shower.
I steal a glance at the person who brought me here
staring with fascination at the same show I am.
My father and I sit side by side
and watch the stars fall.
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B-Day for Rai-chan :iconkittengrl39:Kittengrl39 1 1
Shall I Tell You A Story?
Shall I tell you a story? An old story. A story about a girl with two names…
Once upon a time there was a girl named Suomi. She lived in the forest with a woodcutter. The woodcutter raised her and taught her how to live in the forest. But one day the woodcutter grew sick. Suomi did all she could, but it was no use. As the woodcutter lay dying, he called her over and told her this:
“Listen well, Suomi. Long ago, before you were born, my kingdom was at war with another kingdom. I was a soldier in that war. I will not tell you the horrors I saw. When I wandered into this forest and realized that I couldn’t get out, I thanked God for letting me escape the war. I was beginning to build a life here when I found you at the edge of the wood. I have taught you all you need to survive. Now a wound I suffered all those years ago is killing me. So you must promise me this, Suomi: you must never fight for a ruler, only to protect those you love.”
“I promise,” Su
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loves good art.
United States
Current Residence: Maryland
Favourite genre of music: Pop, rock, classical, J-pop...
MP3 player of choice: iPod nano (it's so small and cute and RUNNING OUT OF ROOM)
Favourite cartoon character: Kaworu Nagisa. Hands down.
Personal Quote: "I take out this headband and magically transform into - Ninja Tinkerbell!" ~Leah


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